Independent testing:

U.S. Army Medical Command
The Mosquito Magnet® captured 3 times more mosquitoes than the next most effective trap, and over 13 times as many as other traps using CO 2 and octenol attractants.

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Cayman Islands Mosquito Research & Control Unit
The Mosquito Magnet® Liberty captured nearly 200 times more mosquitoes than the "Mosquito Deleto".

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Florida A&M University
The Mosquito Magnet® Pro captured 10 times more mosquitoes than the Mosquito PowerTrap.

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Mosquito Magnet ® mimics a human by emitting a plume of carbon dioxide (CO2), heat and moisture. This precise combination is irresistible to female mosquitoes (the ones that bite). As the mosquito approaches the trap hoping for a human, it is quietly vacuumed into a net where it dehydrates and dies.

Disease. Mosquitoes are an important vector for many serious diseases, including Encephalitis, West Nile Fever, Dengue Fever, Malaria and Yellow Fever.

Mosquito Magnet® is an effective alternative to the widespread spraying of toxic chemicals.

Mosquito Magnet® is harmless to plants, pets and wildlife. Only biting insects are captured. Beneficial insects, such as spiders and bees are not harmed.

Sprays, candles and lotions offer only temporary relief from mosquitoes and biting insects. The Mosquito Magnet® biting insect trap is a long-term solution that is scientifically proven to virtually eliminate mosquitoes from your yard.

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