Hackers will attack you today!

The average website is attacked at least once a day.
Corporate networks are an even more attractive
target. As well as direct attacks, there are viruses,
trojans, key-loggers, spyware and employee
disloyalty to cope with.

And that's quite apart from data loss caused by
disk-crashes, power outage and equipment failure.

Security audits
A complete assessment of your entire IT structures and policies. Weak points identified and remedies recommended.

Antivirus software and hardware. Mail filtering systems. Encryption, firewalls, log analysis, honeypots, IP-chains, root-kit removal. Telephone call billing and monitoring. E-mail analysis systems. Data recovery. Forensic IT.

Spyware and key logger detection. Policy compliance spot-checks. White hatting.


Imagine how you would cope if you went to work tomorrow morning and discovered all of your accounting records were destroyed.

Even lesser threats, such as telephone system misuse for personal calls can be very expensive.


There are so many threats to IT systems these days, that you really need specialist advice to be sure you are secure.

We can help.

  The risks
Sometimes it seems as if everyone is out to destroy your IT systems:

  Viruses, Trojans, Worms

  Spyware, Keyboard loggers



  Hardware failure

  Poor backup policy

  Poor password policy

  Employee disloyalty

  Data sabotage

  Industrial espionage

  Bandwidth and telephone abuse

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