The best available . The Middle East's best-selling Telephone Cost Management System:

Truely multi-lingual

  Switch languages with a single mouse-click.

  Full Arabic support, including numerals and dates.

Complete Hijri support

  Switch calendars with a single mouse-click.

  Accurate Hijri-based off-peak periods for GCC countries.

  Fully adjustable Hijri/Gregorian conversion engine - independent of Windows' buggy conversion.

Resellers wanted!!

  Call for details.


Advanced Telephone Cost Management System. Teletiger is a software application that runs on an ordinary PC connected to your company's telephone exchange. Immediate telephone billing information without waiting for the telephone bill. Ideal for controlling personal calls made on company lines. Special versions for Hotels, Hospitals and Compounds.
  Works with any exchange type
  Arabic and/or English
  Even track incoming calls via caller ID
  User definable custom reports
  Hijri and/or Gregorian dates

Ideal for Hotels Teletiger i nterfaces with hotel or building management systems, such as Fidelio.

Generate call invoices on the spot for call cabins and house phones. Catch and bill last minute room calls.

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  Control costs Split call costs by department.

Separate out personal calls.


Multiple interfaces . Connect with any relatively modern telephone exchange:
  Just plug into the pabx printer port (RS232C).
 ...or bulk-mode file transfer .
  ...or over the network for cutting-edge PABXs.
Telephone exchange monitoring . Automatic notification if the PABX goes off-line or the billing system cable is unplugged.
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